Product Development, Exploding Kittens

B Cavello

B Cavello is a crowdfunding veteran whose work as Product Development and Community Director at Exploding Kittens helped catapult the game startup to its record-breaking 219,382 backer success. As the voice and primary liaison for the nearly $9 million campaign, B cultivated and empowered the huge community inspired by the game. Following the Kickstarter, they also oversaw product design and testing of the physical card game, expansions, the iOS and Android apps, and even plush and wearable merchandise.

B has since departed from the Exploding Kittens team and now works as an Engagement Leader with IBM Watson. B also works independently as a crowdfunding consultant. They have advised on a variety of crowdfunding campaigns including Zach and Zebby Wahls’ “Woman Card[s],” the Artiphon, and the Lelo Hex condom.

B has their own projects as well, primarily focused on social good: from crisis housing materials to computer education and even an interactive circuitry book for kids coming soon to a crowdfunding platform near you!