Partner GCC

Brad Yasar

Brad Yasar is a partner at Global Crowdfunding Convention (GCC), the world’s largest global crowdfunding event where Rewards, Equity and Donation Crowdfunding education and networking flourishes amid the fast-paced beat of Las Vegas, NV.

As an integral part of the GCC leadership team and an enthusiastic champion of crowdfunding solutions, Brad oversees the growth of the global event, as well as its operations.

Brad also serves as a board member of Yasar Corporation where he mentors, advises and invests early stage companies including Crowd Funnel, Change My Path, CascadeCard, Slash My Fees, and Omni – Virtuix. He is currently on the board of Yasar Corporation and Beyond Enterprises.

Passionate about where the worlds of technology and marketing collide; Brad is frequently invited to speak at events related to entrepreneurialism, private equity investing and business strategy. Most recently, he presented at Expert Dojo, Digital Hollywood, and ITU Gate Accelerator Program events.

A big believer in coaching younger generations of entrepreneurs, Brad serves as a mentor for the Pepperdine Alumni Association.