Jesús Guerrero Macías

Jesús Guerrero Macías is CEO and cofounder of the crowdfunding platform Micro-Inversores.com. Economist, Commercial Management and Marketing Direction by ESIC (GESCO) with more than 10 years of experience in the management of public and private funding, projects coordination and entrepreneurship. Expert in market research and trends.
Members in startups like Crowdfunding-Shop.com, Crowd Data Invest and Bluemind Smart Data.

Advisor in startups like Joapik, pre-acceleration programs and enterprises acceleration, like BlueValley and member of Málaga Innovation Forum.

Speaker in more than 40 conferences, workshops and courses about crowdfunding and has advised more than 200 crowdfunding project in different areas.

Member of the Spanish Crowdfunding Association since September 2013, co-founder, and president of the Andalusian Crowdfunding Association.

Combines these tasks with crowdfunding campaigns consulting in CrowdEmprende.com for projects in Indiegogo and Kickstarter.