Funded Today Co-Founder

Zach Smith

Zach Smith is a serial entrepreneur, having never had a “real” job his entire life. He’s always starting, selling, running, and managing businesses.  Zach loves helping others turn their dreams, ideas, and inspirations into successful companies.  This passion led to his creation of Funded Today, LLC, America’s most successful crowdfunding firm and largest provider of crowdfunding marketing services worldwide.  Along with his Co-Founder, Thomas Alvord, he has raised over $63,000,000…and counting…for various crowdfunding campaigns in just the last 18 months alone. Funded Today holds the titles on Kickstarter for the following: Most Funded Clothing Company (Baubax Travel Jacket – #5 Most Funded Project of all time, $9.2 Million Raised), Most Funded Socks (SilverAir), Most Funded Travel Bag (GoBag), Most Funded App (Yoga Time), Most Funded Traditional Watch (LunoWear Watches), 2nd Most Funded Sunglasses (The Hughes Aviators) Most Funded Smart Luggage (Trunkster $1.3 Million Raised)  and he holds Top 5 “Most Funded” titles in 15 other categories. Chances are, if you’ve seen a successful campaign on Kickstarter, Zach Smith and Funded Today have had something to say about it!

Zach graduated Summa Cum Laude as the valedictorian from Weber State University’s Goddard School of Business and Economics with a business degree specializing in Accounting.  Zach speaks fluent Mandarin and is proficient in Spanish. Funded Today is on track to break into the Inc. 5000 for 2016 and is one of the fastest growing and most profitable privately-held companies in the country. Zach has been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TechCrunch, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. He is the Co-Author of the upcoming book “Funded” and he is also the Co-Founder of “CrowdCon”, the largest virtual crowdfunding training and educational summit in the world. Zach Smith splits his time in Hershey, Pennsylvania and South Ogden, Utah and he enjoys playing indoor soccer, basketball, weight lifting, reading business books, traveling the world, and working with start-ups.