March 26, 2017

Crowdfunding America™ Magazine can help you showcase your expertise and your campaign

With the #Crowdfunding Industry expanding exponentially, there are more and more “experts” entering the field. We know how difficult it can be for the True Experts to stand out from the crowd.

Crowdfunding America™Magazine can help you showcase your expertise throughout the Crowdfunding World.

Our digital magazine has a direct social media reach of 100,000 + plus a secondary reach through our community of 45,000 + financial advisors, investors, advertisers, sponsors and guest writers.

But, that’s just the beginning! In addition to our digital version, printed copies of Crowdfunding America™Magazine are distributed throughout the crowdfunding industry – financial advisors, investors, clients, etc. – and the general public. Once we are in full-launch, you can expect to find printed copies of Crowdfunding America Magazine™ in many of your favorite places, such as Starbucks®, Whole Foods Market®, cafes, grocery stores, and more. This is the perfect way to get the crowdfunding community, as well as the general public, excited about you and what you do! More exposure not only means more investors for existing campaigns, but it also encourages potential entrepreneurs and small business owners to give crowdfunding a try.

Let us help you tell your story. Crowdfunding America™Magazine provides content and articles showcasing the world of Crowdfunding. It is the first to incorporate and publish thought leadership and best-practices content, as well as offerings by issuers, in their own voice. Throughout our print and digital landscape, we can help you expand your exposure and your ability to attract new clients and assist your campaigns raise capital from a new audience of 240 million non-accredited investors and millions of startups and small business owners looking for your help to raise capital.

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