Rosemary Brock

Rosemary Brock is co-founder & CEO of EISC Lab Data Automation, a woman-owned STEM informatics company that helps experts in science get to qualified discovery faster.  EISC’s technology automates the analytical laboratory data life cycle from data source to decision maker, addressing science’s most pressing issues with bias, data integrity, redundancy, and replication. EISC’s technology automates the acquisition, integration, quality assurance, transformation, & electronic communication of scientific chemical and analytical laboratory data.  For life, material and the physical sciences, EISC provides the harmonization, transport and guardianship of scientific data from disparate sources through to its communication within, between, and across big data hubs and industries…all within minutes.  Brock’s vision and corporate direction for modular, scalable, plug-n-play technology that creates one seamless, transparent, electronically connected lab data process flow from source-to-expert decision maker has resulted in a suite of informatics (patented in five countries) that facilitate evidence-based scientific applications directly impacting our daily lives.  Whether water, air, food, materials, energy, forensics, drug discovery and more, EISC’s systems actively address both routine testing and leading edge initiatives such as the White House’s Materials Genome (MGI), NIH’s Big Data To Knowledge (BD2K), homeland security bioterrorism, and the internet of things (IOTs) for measurement equipment.For nearly two decades, Brock has been passionate about providing experts in analytical science with informatics to help them perform analysis and experiments, supporting core expertise and corresponding conclusions with data traceability, defensibility, accuracy, and speed for certainty in delivering the right information at the right time, for right decisions affecting health, safety and our environment. Originally from Maryland, Brock holds a BS in Business Management from the University of Maryland and currently serves on UNLV’s College of Sciences Advisory Board and UNLV’s Technology Assessment Committee.  She was a past board member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Southern Nevada and actively supports American Cancer Society researchers through Cancer Research Racquet.  Brock was an early advocate for crowdfunding and is a strong supporter of the Global Crowdfunding Convention.