June 14, 2016

Meet the Crowdfunding Rockstars Who Raised Millions of Dollars


Equity- Rewards- or Donation-based
crowdfunding. Meet face-to- face with
investors and top crowdfunding experts.

June update

On Oct 15th- 17th the most successful innovators and
practitioners and Crowdfunding Rock Stars of the
Crowdfunding Industry will convene to share what they have
learned from years of crowdfunding experience. Shouldn’t
you be there?

Show up and you’ll encounter
a life changing experience.

Our experts will take you from beginning to end, teach
you what you need to get started in the order you need to
know it, and provide inspiration along the way. Our
presenters have helped grow this ever-expanding billion
dollar crowdfunding industry and demonstrated the
profound changes it can have on our world and our
local communities.

A few of the many highlights
that make this 2-day
convention so valuable:

Vital content and thorough discussions on every aspect
of all types of crowdfunding -from equity to rewards;
from Title llI and RegA+ to donation, non-profit and
peer-to- peer forms.
– Best practices and Use Cases of crowdfunding.
– How to develop a crowdfunding task and action plan
and increase your chances for success
– Learn the secrets to effective PR and Marketing
– How to overcome IP and other legal hurdles
– How to build and motivate a crowd to give you
their money
– How to use your crowd as your marketing engine