July 14, 2016

Learn how to raise up to 50 Million dollars at the crowdfunding event of 2016


Learn how to raise​ BIG money through
Equity- Rewards- or Donation-based
crowdfunding. Meet face-to- face with
investors and top crowdfunding experts.

On Oct 15th- 17th the most successful innovators and
practitioners and Crowdfunding Rock Stars of the
Crowdfunding Industry will convene to share what they’ve
learned from years of crowdfunding experience. Shouldn’t
you be there?

Gamers: get your
crowdfunding game on!

Crowdfunding superstar campaigners Exploding Kittens
have blown the covers off the gaming record book by
raising over $9 million. Let Kittens’ B Cavello explain the
secret of their -and your- success. Play crowdfunded
games in the gaming area. Don’t miss this chance to
meet and strategize with other developers and
crowdunding experts. Millions have been raised by game
creators to realize their vision with their supporters.

At GCC you can garner the methods and insights to mine
fans for the support you need.

Fashion warriors: fund your
next big thing!

When Hiral Sanghavi started BauBax, he went the
crowdfunding route and raised $9.2 million on
Kickstarter and over $2 million on Indiegogo from
over 55,000 backers based in over 120 countries,
making BauBax the most funded clothing campaign
in the history of crowdfunding. Don’t miss this chance
to learn how to fund an apparel company- or any creative
or commercial project, from Hiral.