August 4, 2016

Sneak-Peak! “GCC” 2016 Agenda


FIRESIDE CHAT: ArtistShare founder Brian Camelio: Most notably credited as the pioneer of modern “Crowdfunding”.  In 2001, Brian creates Artistshare a website and software application for artists to fund projects directly through their fan bases. This became a blueprint for many of today’s crowdfunding websites.  In 2004, the first ArtistShare project won a Grammy award and became the first album in history not available in retail stores.  Since then, ArtistShare´s fan-funded releases have won a total of 10 Grammy awards and 20 Grammy nominations.

FIRESIDE CHAT:  Vladimir I. Ivanov, Ph.D. SEC and Kendall Almerico, CEO BANKROLL. These experts will discuss the 3.5 year rule-making process and have a Q&A with the audience.

FIRESIDE CHAT: Meet the Crowdfunding Rockstars who got it right. Learn how they collectively raised over $38 Million dollars.

PANEL: How to find potential investors, backers or donors. Our panel of leading crowdfunding marketing experts who collectively have helped raise over $100 million dollars for their clients, will discuss what everyone wants to know about attracting the right crowd. 

NETWORKING: Crowdfunding MarketplaceExpo cocktail party: Where fun and innovation meet! Enjoy cocktails and hors d´ouvres while you network and meet with crowdfunding rock stars, innovators, entrepreneurs , sponsors, make new connections and catch up with old ones.

GAME SHOW: Crowdfunding quiz show “Who wants to raise a Million dollars?”: Attendees “battle it out” for cash and prizes in a wild quiz show that will test their knowledge of specific crowdfunding facts covering the success, failure and regulations learned during our 2 day convention.

Pre, Launch, and Post Campaign: Crowdfunding Best Practices that apply to rewards and donation and equity crowdfunding .

30 DAY’s of Crowdfunding: An honest examination of what you will experience during a campaign. Actionable tactics you need to do to succeed at crowdfunding.

Lottery, football, poker and regulation crowdfunding: We´ll engage our audience in this robust conversation, and ask the question we all want an answer for:  “Is the public ready to gamble their money on a startup the same way they do with other risky things they do with their money”?



Tony Drexel Smith Business Capital 101“Realistic expectations for the acquisition of speculative capital through proven funding Instruments including crowdfunding, debt, equity & royalty financing.” The purpose of this keynote is to educate by defining the processes, documentation requirements and methodologies used to determine the identification, qualification and feasibility of the most appropriate alternative funding sources for startups, early stage and growth companies in the US speculative capital market, including crowd, equity, debt and royalty offerings.

Jillian Helman  “My journey to crowdfund over $200 million for real estate” and  “Investing in real assets – the secrets behind real estate crowdfunding.”

Douglas S. Ellenoff- Partner & Owner, Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP – TBD

Derek Fetzer​– Co-founder​ CaringCrowd® | ​Powered by ​Johnson & Johnson- TBD



Crowdfunding away the Funding Gap for Women-owned businesses. Women launch 1,000 new companies every day. Female owned businesses employ 9 million people, generate $1.6 Trillion a year, and grow five times the national average. Our future depends on their ability to access capital using Crowdfunding.

Social Media- The truth of social media, Social media strategy,  Attracting social influencers. Top social media tools you can use for free or at a low cost.

Developing your Social Media Crowdfunding Story. The first step in creating a successful campaign is the ability to explain your brand and your offering . We´ll show you tips and best practices for developing a great crowdfunding story around your brand. We´ll guide you through a step-by-step process you can start using in your Social Media profiles right away.

Which Crowdfunding Site will Work For You? Before you launch on a crowdfunding site be sure to shop around.  Each site offers different features, costs, and benefits. We will discuss the key things to watch out for such as: look and feel, user experience, payment processing, fees, marketing and social capabilities, traction, and so much more.

Building the Crowdfunding brand.  What steps can the new industry of professional service providers do to build a nationally known brand around the new Regulation crowdfunding offerings. The purpose is for issuers to use it, and millions of potential investors can make investments now, and long into the future.

Investment Strategies: How to pick a winner and invest in a private company. Expert angel investors take us through their process and steps to select good investments. This is critical knowledge for the 240 million non-accredited Americans to enter into the world of private investments.

Startup Live pitching and crowdfunding. Startups have the opportunity to make personal connections with donors, investors, backers and crowdfunding industry experts. Meet your crowd the good old-fashioned way: face to face. Once we listen to the one-minute presentations on the expo stage, we´ll be able to meet them at their booths, where they can crowdfund live.

Crowdfunding Starts In a well Educated Mind. The time has come for Colleges and Universities to mandate Crowdfunding education in their curriculums, thus ingraining it in every student´s DNA. This esteemed panel of educators will discuss how to expand that education and the impact it will have if everyone had access to it.

Wisdom of the crowd.. will it work for equity crowdfunding ? Upon release of the proposed rules for Title lll the SEC declared: “A premise of crowdfunding is that investors would rely, at least in part, on the collective wisdom of the crowd to make better informed investment decisionsWhen you sign up and become a member of an equity crowdfunding portal, you can collaborate with other members This panel will discuss how to make that process work.

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are! Explore how to get incubators, accelerators, startups and small businesses, to be excited about, and prepared, to use regulation crowdfunding.



Change and Generosity. Crowdfunding brings the change we want to see in the world. Generosity is driving Billions of dollars into donation-based crowdfunding, speaking of our solidarity towards those in need and showcasing the best of our humanity.  During this segment we share examples of everything from the 5 million (crowdfunded in 3 days) for Pulse nightclub victims, to the 220 million crowdfunded for the Bernie Sanders campaign, and everything in between.

Perk’s and Crowdfunding Fulfillment. Fulfillment on delivery is a major component of crowdfunding that is often overlooked until its too late, derailing quality, higher production and shipping of promised products. This panel will cover invaluable tips on crowdfunding fulfillment to help your product, your brand and your backers stay in the green.

Fail to plan and plan to fail. This segment will teach you how to create a financial plan and cover the cost of your campaign, the manufacturing, and distribution of your products, rewards and services.

Why should my charity or nonprofit organization use crowdfunding? We discuss giving back and raising large sums of money for great causes with crowdfunding.

What nonprofits need to know about crowdfunding. We touch on the benefits and advantages crowdfunding brings, to building relationships between donors and organizations that inspire new donors who might not have contributed to your cause otherwise. Nonprofit’s use of crowdfunding is growing at an exponential rate with many nonprofits jumping on the crowdfunding bandwagon, attracted by the potential of finding new supporters. We will discuss why crowdfunding can become an invaluable part of the nonprofit fundraising toolkit.



OVERVIEW of Title lll  ( 4a) ( 6):  A  summary of the fundamental rules applicable to issuers, investors, and intermediaries in connection with offerings conducted under the Regulation Crowdfunding Exemption. Analysis of some of the First Crowdfunding Offerings: What is working and what is not.

Panel: The JobsAct is about job creation and access to capital – Government agencies need to share educational  information about it if we want the JobsAct to create jobs!  With so many cities in financial trouble and in need of job creation, we will discuss the role Crowdfunding can play in expanding city and town assets, and how government agencies need to do more to spread awareness and education to startups and small businesses.

Secondary Markets for Crowdfunded Offerings- where do we go from here?

Fintech and Crowdfunding – How does Technology  play a role in expanding equity crowdfunding.



REG A+ (PLUS) During the second half of the equity track, our experts explain and discuss what preparing and filing a successful Reg A+ Plus offering entails.

Reg A+ (Plus) enables small-to-midsize private companies to raise up to $50 million in capital from accredited and non-accredited investors. The key players we´ve brought together for this segment will educate and discuss how the Reg A+ process works, what the potential obstacles may be, and how to get started. You’ll network exclusively with this pioneering group who is leading the country in this new Securities offering.



Learn how to find out if there is enough interest in your offering. TTW allows you to explore in a non- binding way, the level of interest from potential investors. You will learn how to present and promote your offering through Digital Marketing, Social Media, PR and other tools. We will cover the best ways to market and “Test the Waters” so you can build a loyal tribe of excited followers and fans and convert them into customers and investors.

Learn how to stand out from the crowd. Learn how to identify your target investors—accredited & unaccredited—and reach them using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so much more. Learn how to gauge response and determine the level of interest in your offering before you move forward.

What do early stage investors look for in Reg A+ offering, and what can issuers do to increase the public’s interest.


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