November 3, 2016


Thank-youIn 2012 after working for 17 months with an amazing group of people to help bring regulation crowdfunding to a legal reality in the signing of JOBSAct, I decided to produce a small crowdfunding convention. As terrifying as that first one was, I had a mission to educate and inspire the public, the innovators, startups, and professionals about the power of crowdfunding.

During the the past 5 years I have strived to expand that mission and build a global crowdfunding convention, and am proud to report that people from across the globe have attended from more than 20 countries including Italy, Germany, Canada, Russia, Taiwan, India, Peru, Japan, Britain and China: not to mention  the 50 states.

It’s been an incredible journey with so many memorable moments along the way.
I’ve really enjoyed every moment of the first five years, and the influence we have had on the growth of the entire crowdfunding industry.

This year’s 5th Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention exceeded my wildest dreams, and it’s all because of you. I want to personally thank all of my team and business partners, sponsors, speakers, attendees, fans, followers and friends. A very special thank you goes out to each of our international attendees – who traveled the world to learn, meet and share their crowdfunding journey with all of us.

And what can be said about our speakers? The wealth of knowledge and information all in one place was unprecedented as our attendees enjoyed truly world class presentations of the evolving crowdfunding industry  -in Rewards, Donation and Equity.  And the “Crowdfundie Awards,” the game show “Who wants to Raise a Million Dollars” and the amazing Crowdfunding marketplace, with more then 80 vendors, and startups, 2 days of panels, keynote speakers and fireside chats with “Crowdfunding Rockstars” and great parties have made the GCC the flagship event for the entire industry.

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