• Thank you to our more then 200 sponsors & 3000 attendees from 25 countries for 6 wonderful years producing the Global Crowdfunding Convention!

    We are excited about the next chapter to help continue to grow the Crowdfunding Industry.

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  • We set the standard providing a stimulating and fun agenda

    along with impactful connections and networking that continue to help grow the industry making the convention a great experience for attendees, speakers and sponsors alike.

  • Meet and be inspired by some of the most brilliant innovators and entrepreneurs

    responsible for the explosive success of this new industry in just a few short years. Interact with crowdfunding All-Stars who have raised 6 and 7 figures and see the amazing products they have created. Stand on the stage and crowdfund live.

  • Explore  and make life long connections in the crowdfunding expo.

    Meet and be inspired hearing the stories of  people who have made enormous, change in the world with donation-based crowdfunding, and learn how you can raise capital or invest in the new world of equity crowdfunding.

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